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Session Tips

“What locations are good for photos?”, “What time of the day is the light best?”, and “What should I wear?” are all questions everyone asks when planning a session.

First, what kind of atmosphere or style are you looking for? Woodsy and adventurous, beachy and carefree, or maybe down town and classy? You want a scene and background that you will not only feel comfortable in, but that you feel will reflect your personality.

Second, the ABSOLUTE BEST times of the day for photos are sunrise, and sunset. The light at those times of the day is the softest (meaning there won’t be any harsh shadows across your face or any squinting) and warmest (meaning it is the most flattering for the skin tones) it will be during the course of a day. I usually recommend sunrise because there will be less of a chance that the location will be crowded. If neither of those options are available, taking photos during other times during the day are suitable as well.

Third, your clothes should reflect the mood of the photoshoot and fit the topography. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hike up a mountain in heels now would you. It is also important that you take into account how a particular outfit looks on camera as opposed to how it appears in your mirror. I love a good big pattern as much as the next person but sometimes the camera isn’t able to accurately capture it. If you are coordinating outfits, pick colors and patterns that will compliment each other and not clash. This will probably go without saying, but it is also important to take into consideration what colors match your skin tones. I, being a pale ginger, can unfortunately not pull off most fluorescent colors. It is sad but true.

I hope this was informative and helped you in your decision making!


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