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Wedding & Photo Packages

Why should you invest in Freckled Perspective? Because I believe everyone deserves to have pictures they love and my passion to accomplish this drives me to do my best to create images that tell the world who YOU are and that you are a big deal in it!

Whether you are a senior about to graduate, a couple engaged and dreaming about the future, or a family wanting to remember how everyone looked that year, I look for the little details that compose your personalities and I incorporate them in your images.

Why do photographers charge “so much” you may ask. Allow me to explain. What isn’t always initially realized is that most of a package price is not profit. Most of what photographers charge is reinvested in editing software, computer upkeep, camera equipment/repair, website fees, marketing platforms, ordering prints and albums for clients, and so forth. Not to mention all the time we have invested to shoot and edit, meet with potential clients, and scout locations.

Photography is an investment and it is SO worth it. I would love to photograph you and show you just how passionate I am about giving you photos that capture who you are and that in ten years you will look back on and still love!