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Pin thisimageMy name is Kate, I’m a love & life photographer, and I live with my husband just outside of Ocean City, NJ. I usually have 3+ cups of tea per day, I get emotionally attached to fictional characters, and I have an obsession with nachos (even though nachos do not love me back).

But on a more serious note, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Communications. I went to school for graphics design, spent 80% of my college career focused on video, which I enjoyed thoroughly, and then spent the last 20% of my college days and the years that have followed focusing on photography. I love the challenge of getting a photo to say exactly what you want it to say all in one shot. I crave adventure and community and yet sometimes all I want to do is cuddle with my husband and watch a movie.

Also, I live by the beach, but I’ll never be tan because I’m a ginger and that’s just not something gingers are capable of.

So there, that’s me. All in one ramble. Follow my instagram for more realtime updates.

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Pin thisimage(Above Photo taken by: Donny Zavala Photography)